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Daily Life (Fairfax)

23/03/16 - The Stolen Wages That Continue To Hold Indigenous Australians Back

08/03/16 - Let's Stop Neglecting The Unique Struggles Of Aboriginal Women

07/03/16 - I Am Glad People Aren't Shy About Saying 'Vagina'. But Why Can't They Refer To The Right Body Part?

22/02/16 - Indigenous Australians have a right to speak our first language

16/02/16 - Australia doesn't need more "Stolen Generations", it needs to stop validating broadcasters like Alan Jones

08/02/16 - Why Constitutional Recognition is not necessarily the answer to improving Indigenous rights

25/01/16 - How to show solidarity with Indigenous Australians this Invasion Day

01/12/15 - Why is the WA Government cutting funding to a crucial ear clinic for Aboriginal children?

24/11/15 - What the final hours of Ms Dhu's life tell us about our broken justice system

12/11/15 - Empowering Aboriginal Women is the key to eliminating gendered violence

19/10/15 - The Grandmothers who are stopping the forced removal of Aboriginal children from their homes

29/09/15 - Family violence isn't something that happens to 'unsuitable women'

13/07/15 - The hypocrisy of calling Aboriginal women on welfare 'cash cows'

26/05/15 - 'Reconciliation' shouldn't just be driven by Indigenous people

20/05/15 - Fighting domestic violence shouldn't mean revoking Aboriginal rights

26/03/15 - Why did the media ignore the rape of a seven-year-old girl?

10/02/15 - The truth about feminism  - Co-interview with Clementine Ford, Jane Caro and Annabel Crabb

09/02/15 - Why did it take 11 days to find Desmond Narrier, Clive Hart, and Ryheem Davey?

26/01/15 - This Australia Day, we're all responsible for working towards a more inclusive future

23/06/14 - "We need to do more for our Indigenous girls"

27/02/14 - "Why I prefer the term 'Black'" - Republished at The Stringer

13/11/13 - "Free speech is no excuse for racist comments"

11/07/13 - "Indigenous debutante balls"

1/07/13 - "How black is he?

5/06/13 - "A platform for the people who are not always heard

January 2013 "When dark skin becomes 'fashionable'" (original blog piece here)

July 2012 - "But you're too pretty to be Aboriginal..." (original blog piece here)

Eureka St:

29/01/16 - Downsizing numbers can't silence Indigenous protests

14/12/15 - Aboriginal Australians' Year of Action


09/12/15 - Let's recognise more conservative white men

27/10/15 - I'm not a "proud Australian"

The Guardian:

28/07/15 - So an imaginary spear is more terrifying than racism. Really?

19/06/15 -87% of Indigenous people do not agree on recognition. You'd know if you listened

26/05/15 - The 'no' campaign against Indigenous recognition isn't Cory Bernardi's to run

11/02/15 - MPs who walked out on Bill Shorten at Closing the Gap, thanks for your honesty

15/01/15 - Baird calls on states to support Indigenous recognition. But what difference will it make?

19/11/14 - If we want to feel hopeful about Indigenous well-being, we have to determine our own future 

15/10/14 - Rottnest Island: The internment camp turned favourite holiday destination without debate

22/9/14 - Indigenous recognition: we have more diverse views than the official campaign

15/9/14 - Ten weeks dry: water is still a privilege, not a right, in Indigenous Australia

5/9/14 - The Panel: Tony Abbott, one year on

18/8/14 - "I don't want your Recognise campaign - It's nothing but a sham" - Originally published on this blog "It's the 'Recognise' thing that really gets me"

11/7/14 - "We must remember Indigenous warriors who fought war itself

10/7/14 - "Australian Universities don't value their Indigenous students or staff"

6/5/14 - "What if Packer and Gyngell were young Indigenous men?"

9/12/13 - "The AFL is great at tackling racism. But what about sexism?" 

14/11/13 - "Redfern Now's portrayal of urban Aboriginal life is long overdue"

17/10/13 - "The Shadow King – review, Melbourne Festival: Malthouse Theatre"

3/9/13 - "The Panel: Who Should Indigenous Australia Vote For?"

30/8/13 - "Broome Bombing: Where is the Outrage?"

11/07/13 - "Indigenous recognition debate deserves better than this political jostling

28/06/13 - "What Labor needs to do to win the election: panel verdict" (collaborative piece)


7/1/14 - "Utopia: An Aboriginal perspective" 

The Postcolonialist: 

19/12/13 - "Indigenous Feminism, Politics and the Importance of Intersectionality: A Conversation with Celeste Liddle" - An interview conducted with Maja Milotovic

25/06/14 - "Intersectionality and Indigenous Feminism: An Aboriginal Woman’s Perspective" - Featured piece

The Stringer:

14/03/14 - "I'd love to have a drink with Duncan, provided bloody Duncan doesn't exclude me..." 

28/02/14 - "Why I prefer the term 'black'" 


10/7/14 - "Indigenous campaign builds against constitutional recognition" (interview piece)


26/05/13 - "An open letter to Bess Price MLA" (edited version of original blogpost here)

4/03/13 - "Turning 35 and the quandaries of reproductive 'choice'" (edited version of original blogpost here)

April 2011 - "Aboriginal Identity: I never had a choice" 

Via National Tertiary Education Union

July 2014 - "Budget a shocker for Indigenous Australians"

Sept 2013 - "Strategies for Inclusivity - Indigenous Women and the Academy" (in AGenda)

Sept 2012 - "Racism meets the patriarchy on campus" (in AGenda)

July 2012 - "Why Abstudy is important" (via NTEU Indigenous blog)

May 2012 - "Indigenous Business is Union Business - The Musgrave Park Tent Embassy" (via NTEU Indigenous blog)

March 2012 - "Embedding indigenous cultural competency" (in Advocate)

Sept 2011 - "Power, gender and culture on campus" (in AGenda)

Via Australian Literature Review

January 2005 - "Mongrel Signatures: Reflections on the Work of Mudrooroo" (no direct link available)