About Celeste Liddle

I am an Arrernte woman living in Melbourne, Australia. I was born in 1978 in Canberra and moved to Melbourne in 1992 where I have lived since, though going up and back along the Stuart Highway has always been a part of my life (though I tend to fly nowadays!). I am a trade unionist and a freelance opinion writer, social commentator and public speaker.

 I have an honours degree in arts (theatre and drama) from La Trobe Uni and a Graduate Diploma in Arts (mainly political science) from UniMelb. I like food, music that is far too loud and no good for my fragile eardrums and living a life that is not determined by the stupid rules and regulations that society tries to pin on us. Politically, I'd say I'm "hard left" though not affiliated. I'm an atheist, a vegetarian, and beyond that I shirk most labels because I figure I have enough of them.

I started this little blog after speaking to a couple of good, strong black women who encouraged me. I also started it because I had just finished uni (for the second time) and didn't want to become disengaged from the ideas I had investigated whilst there. I had no idea when I started it that firstly; anyone would want to read it and secondly; that anyone would want to publish it anywhere. Both things never actually occurred to me. It was an incredibly pleasant surprise though when this did happen and it's fair to say that since then I have been busy! If you wish to read my works that have been published in the media, please click the "articles" tab. 

Writing though, in some way, shape or form, has always been a part of my life. Writing was the first form of communication I developed due to childhood ear issues making me fall behind on others. I find an honesty in writing, and an ability to frame ideas much more clearly than I would if I were speaking them. Most of all though, there's the therapeutic value - that writing can be a way of communicating the hard stuff so that others can read it and relate and it no longer eats away at you because you own it solely. Social media was incredibly appealing to me for that reason, and blogging was therefore a natural extension. Some of these blog pieces have dated. Some remain my same view. But basically, I consider them a journey of my thoughts.

In 2015, I have appeared at the All About Women Festival at the Sydney Opera House, the Bendigo Writers' Festival, WOW Fest in Brisbane, She Leads in Adelaide, Cherchez La Femme, and many others. I have also published works both online and in print. It has been a big year and I am looking forward to a similarly challenging 2016.
Thanks for visiting, and hope you enjoy my rants!


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