Counting Dead Aboriginal Women 2016

Unfortunately, we haven't even made it past the first month of the year when a new count has had to begin. Straight up, I want to send my condolences and respect to the communities and families. I apologise that this list will be stark. My aim isn't to be callous by numbering the victims, it's to provide information. Original source comes from Destroy the Joint data:

1. 39 year old woman murdered at Billygoat Creek Aboriginal community in Western Australia on Wednesday the 20/1/2016. Eric Evans taken into custody

2. 34 year old woman dead, believed to be the result of grievous bodily harm, 250km West of Tjuntjuntjara on the 29/2/2016. Man charged. 

3. Jody Websdale, a 42 year old woman living in Midlands, WA on Wednesday 9/3/16. Her 36 year old partner Darren Couzens charged with murder. Family have started a GoFundMe to support her children.

4. A woman in the community of Pormpuraaw in QLD was found on the morning of the 9/4/16. A male known to the woman has been taken in for questioning. 

5. Adeline Rigney-Wilson, together with her two children were killed in what police have labelled a domestic dispute on the 30/5/16 in Hillier, SA. Her partner Steven Peet has been charged.

6. In late July, a 34 year old woman from Maningrida died from head injuries she sustained during an attack from her partner while they were at Darwin Foreshore. He was taken into custody.

7. A 26 year old woman in Walgett was stabbed to death on the 19/8/16. A 49 year old man has been charged with murder. 

8. A woman died of injuries consistent with assault on a Darwin Foreshore on Monday 12/09/16. Police were seeking further information.

9. 48 year old Delanne Zingle from Kowanyama in QLD passed away from her injuries on the 7/10 after Gary Hudson ran her down with his car before crashing it into a house full of mourners following the funeral of his partner. It is understood Ms Zingle pleaded with him to stop before she was mown down. 26 other people were injured in this incident.  

10. Crystal Ratcliffe, a 38 year old woman from Cairns, died on the 13/10 in what is being described as a "domestic altercation" by the press. Her partner Ricky Cowan, who had also sustained stab wounds, was under police guard at hospital.

At 16/10/16, Destroy the Joint have counted 55 women, therefore Aboriginal women make up 18% of the women counted. This is six times what a population parity rate would be.

Note: Awaiting further information about the following women:

Balga, WABladensburg National Park - woman from Kununurra
Kensington Park