Monday, March 14, 2016

Statement regarding the Facebook banning

Yes, I have been banned again, this time for seven days. In addition, Facebook are now investigating my account and I was required to provide government-issued ID to verify that I am indeed a human. 

The reason I was banned this time was for sharing the Daily Mail coverage on this. Daily Mail, who have also shared this article on their Facebook page, have not been banned. Nor have the ABC who shared a similar article on their Facebook page.

To recap, my first two bans were for sharing my keynote address, published by New Matilda. I was banned straight up the first time because due to previously posting the clip for 8MMM last year, Facebook have deemed me a repeat offender. I have additionally had another admin account on my Facebook page banned because it shared New Matilda coverage which was still deemed unacceptable despite the header image being pixelated. 

I am therefore deliberately being targeted. By both Facebook, and by malicious people on a campaign to disable my page.

Facebook, at their end, have done nothing. I have sent numerous reports which have gone completely unacknowledged. I have sent emails which have hit dead ends. I have tried, through their systems to seek resolution. They have not acknowledged a single thing. Nor have they made any indication that they will address their systems to stop this happening. They have issued a response to New Matilda today which states as such. They are more than willing to not only allow ceremony to be censored, but also to allow a long time user to be targeted in such a way. At this stage, due to Facebook's complete lack of accessibility for recourse and review, my hands are completely tied.

I gave a speech in good faith on International Women's Day, a day Facebook saw fit to acknowledge with a tacky little welcome image. My only crime has been to share that keynote when it has become available. Through their actions, they have additionally, as well as demeaned culture and women, demeaned my words and turned them into something they are not. My words, while an empowering rallying cry, were never meant to be used in this way. I resent the fact that Facebook, through their lack of cultural knowledge and respect for women, have turned them into this. They fail to provide a safe place for Aboriginal people and for women. Indeed, through the selective applying of their "community standards", they continually allow it to be an unsafe space. 

At this stage, this is all I have to say. 

EDIT: The petition is here

Update: 16/03/16 - I have posted a statement on Facebook regarding a change in the situation as of last night. I have republished that statement here. Additionally, the Facebook link to the Daily Mail page no longer exists. I can only assume this means they have also had this link removed. This really is not the answer, Facebook.


  1. You should report this to the online censorship project by EFF [1]. They are totally undemocratic about what they do and clearly abusing their monopoly. You should have a look at this documentary "Facebookistan" [2]. I left Facebook a few months ago because they were blocking an alternate social network [3]. They are


  2. FB also block me with regularity ... I'm currently blocked for 30 days for leaving a bad review for a business that gave me bad service.
    I have sent them numerous messages trying to get to the bottom of it ... All of which have gone un-responded to.
    If I've done something wrong .. I'd happily accept the consequences ... but the moderators of FB are insane.
    I have reported some filthy, disgusting things I've seen posted on FB ... and they respond by telling me it doesn't breech their standards.
    I'm not sure what their 'standards' are ... but when people can post pornography and it not breech their standards, but me leaving a negative review does ... I'm worried about THEIR standards!
    There needs to be a more human way to contact FB and to have issues resolved.
    When I have searched for an answer regarding FB blocks ... I found out that they say they can't unblock anyone for any reason. So, even if they've got it wrong, they won't/can't unblock you.
    This is what it says ...

    "I'm blocked from using a feature (ex: sending messages, tagging things, uploading photos).

    Facebook has policies in place to stop behavior that other people may find annoying or abusive. We've determined that you used a feature in a way that could be considered abusive, even if you didn't mean to.

    A few things to keep in mind about your block:

    * Blocks are temporary and can last a few hours or a few days

    * We can't lift this block for any reason

    To keep from getting blocked again, please slow down or stop this behavior (ex: send fewer messages each day, only tag people in photos they're actually in). Otherwise, your account could be permanently disabled.

    Learn more about common types of blocks:

    Friend request blocks
    Messaging blocks
    For more information on our policies, please review the Facebook Community Standards."

    I really wish there was another site to use ... I think, if there were, a LOT of people would move away from FB

  3. This is unconscionable, this is harassment by social media as far as I'm concerned. Legal action might get the bastards moving; as for repeat offenders, FB has a history of harassing Indigenous activists. This is horrible, what can I say...

  4. I'm sad that you've been banned from Facebook again. However, I would not have heard your voice -half a world away - but for the controversy, so I am grateful for it. I'm the richer for reading your words and thru them gaining a tiny, more personal window into the issues of racism and sexism as practiced in Australia. Thank you. TRULY, I thank you.

  5. I feel angry and frustrated about this. I hope you are ok. The petition is awesome. It's not fair, but it's amazing how many people have come out in support in such a short time. Trying to calm down. Can't imagine how you must be feeling. Somehow this can change things, even a little, hopefully a lot. off to share on FB now... Lisa

  6. This is appalling and about what I'd expect from Facebook. What I find interesting is how people still use Facebook. There ARE alternatives and if enough people used them then Facebook would have to change their ways.

  7. I have also been blocked ... many many many many many times. FB sucks.

    Keep up the great work Celeste.

    Your old school mate :)