Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Parliament House is an unviable political community

Parliament House is unviable. It's costing taxpayers an exorbitant amount of money in basic utilities to keep running yet the services it is able to sustain are being pilfered and, in some cases, totally removed. They seem unable to manage their funding issues with Aboriginal services, with women's services, with basic health services and yet they retain the delusion that hoards of people more evil than them are coming on boats to take over. It's clear that without an intervention, Parliament House will dissolve into a mess of self-entitled white patriarchal chaos. 

Additionally, the cost of providing basic transport in the area, in the form of chauffeur-driven luxury cars, is too much of a cost burden for the Australian public to bear.

The conditions at Parliament House are a serious impediment to progress in this country. Not only are there a bunch of neaderthal-esque men swinging around the chamber and beating their chests, but the Minister for Women's major political view on his constituents appears to be "woman: cook now!".

Finally, the educational services they've provided just seem to be diminishing and it's clear that this government is simply unable to keep a higher education sector properly funded, maintained and running. 

I say we close down this political community and relocate the politicians into real jobs. If this is not an option, then they can be placed in remote communities where they can obtain 25hrs of quality work per week for the low cost to taxpayers of a half-quarantined dole payment.

PS This formed the inspiration for this transposed and slightly extended Facebook update

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  1. Well written, turning the hate back on themselves-when will the stupid stop? We all deserve better than Abbott.