Sunday, March 9, 2014

Audio recording of my Nanna Emily Liddle (Perkins)

Sharing this for posterity. Link is from the NT Government Archives called "Territory Families". My Nanna passed away in 2003, and therefore, despite the fact that she is talking about some horrific conditions and being taken from family and community as a young girl to two childrens' missions, the fact that I can still hear her voice this many years after she passed is a gift. 

From memory, this was originally in an exhibition in the early 90s called "Between Two Worlds". To quote the intro:

Around 1930 or thereabouts, when Emily Liddle was nine years old, the authorities decided that it was time for her, as a child of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal heritage, to leave the station where she’d grown up and go to school.

At this time the children were no longer held in town at the ‘Bungalow’ but were taken to Jay Creek, about 45km away in the West MacDonnells.

In time the institution was moved from Jay Creek back into town, to the Alice Springs Telegraph Station, and Emily Liddle came too

Here's the link to the page where the audio recording is available, or click here to go directly to the audio without going to the page first.

Nanna Emily Liddle

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