Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Update RE: the Facebook ban

Last night I posted this message on my reinstated Facebook page. Sharing it here for the folks on Twitter as well as to put an update out on my blog to the previous statement:

Yes, I am officially back. My account has been reinstated by Facebook it has been confirmed, so I am not here due to admin error or system error or the like. I am free to post again and while Facebook is yet to catch up with the limitations of their "community standards", I at least know that it is on the agenda thanks to some truly spectacular online activism by you lot. Thank you again.
In addition, this page was deliberately targeted and maliciously attacked. I know there were some discussions of algorithms and shape analysis but that's not what happened. All up, four separate articles led to bannings over the weekend (rather than 4x the same article) so this wasn't about censored content but individual reporting. In addition, my Facebook account was reported as a fake which is why I had to verify it. To those still serving out bans because they reposted this content, I am really sorry you are in this situation. You have my full support and I know these bans are being tracked by the media so please contact via Twitter if you are affected.
I didn't want all this bullshit, and coming off the back of the week of IWD where I somehow managed to work, write two articles, deliver two keynotes and appear on the radio five times all while recovering from complications due to wisdom teeth extractions, this weekend, while a slightly amusing exercise in seeing how many ways I could exploit Facebook's community standards to keep the page up, was also incredibly frustrating and tiring. When it finally hit the mainstream media, it has added to the whole tiresome nature of this as interview demands have been endless and repetitive. In addition, it rapidly deteriorated into "Celeste shared a rude photo" which was never the case. A keynote address which I delivered which, for a number of reasons, had an incredibly appropriate photo attached to it via the process of republication was targeted by trolls. My only aim was to share my speech to those who, for some absurd reason and masochistic need to read 6000-odd words of my rants, wanted to access it.
The fact that image chosen by New Matilda to accompany it; two Aboriginal elders performing ceremony as a public thank you to unionists for their support during the NT Intervention (all topics covered in my speech); was flagged as material of a sexually explicit nature is despicable and offensive. These are women the same generation as my father and considering as a child he was flogged at school for even speaking lingo let alone engaging in ceremony, I know how damn hard it has been for desert mobs to not only hold on to culture, but to continue to practice it proudly in the face of ongoing colonisation. In addition, these women just flat-out deserve respect as elders and women with autonomy and integrity. The fact that they weren't afforded any of this by Facebook and indeed were just seen as an exploitable loophole by scurrilous types - I don't even have words to describe my anger at that. To those who saw the opportunity to use this to run a campaign of hate, please just get lost. You are not wanted on this page. Your type is exactly what is wrong with this country and this is not the space for you. Indeed, you deserve no space at all.
I do just finally want to acknowledge that as mentioned, this page grew well over a 1000 people in the days this was going on. Welcome to all the n00bs and thank you for pitching in with the signal boosting of this issue. Really appreciated, and I hope you enjoy this page!
I will be stepping back for a few days because as mentioned, it has been a fairly chaotic time, and I have to prioritise some things. So it will be a bit quiet around here for a bit. I promise to return to your regularly scheduled ranting again soon though. Thank you!

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