Monday, March 28, 2016

Two pictures which do NOT violate Facebook's "Community Standards"

I visited my folks today. My dad was on Facebook and was most perturbed about an image he had seen on a group he's a member of. I showed him how to report it. This was the image:

This image, according to the report Dad got back, did not violate Facebook's "community standards".

While I was helping dad, I scrolled further through the group where he saw that picture and found this image which I also reported:

This image is also perfectly fine according to Facebook's ruling.

So blatant racism and sexism is awesome, yet an Aboriginal woman posting a feminist speech which is accompanied by a picture of women undertaking culture is not. Nor is it okay for a feminist woman to answer online abuse she has received (ping Clementine Ford).

Just for everybody's interest...


  1. Anger-provoking and gravely disappointing. Oh how the racist patriarchy has a long way to go to get to a reasonable place. What to do? Apart from keep up the good fight...

  2. Facebook has some bizarre double standards. Salman Shami