Monday, February 1, 2016

My Invasion Day articles

This was a pretty big week for me article-wise, undoubtedly because Australia Day produces much fodder. People are starting to get more interested in Indigenous views on this day, and so I found there was an endless string of requests. I therefore had three articles go live which meant some long after-hours stints once I got home from the office, and I thought I would publish them up here.
The first was this one published on the NITV website. Basically I argue that changing the date of Australia Day is not the answer, negotiating a long overdue treaty is: Changing the date won’t fix ‘Australia Day’
The second was an article I got together quickly, after I got home from work and before I headed out for Friday drinks because I thought it was important to explore solidarity: How to show solidarity with Indigenous Australians this Invasion Day 
Finally, this piece went live Friday evening. I was incensed by the coverage of the Invasion Day rallies and how I felt the mainstream media set out to diminish the importance of these as well as the shifting social perceptions. It's available here: Downsizing numbers can't silence Indigenous protests
Thanks folks. As said, I got a lot more requests and had to turn stuff down. I encourage folks to continue amplifying Indigenous opinion on this day in 2017. Until then. 

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  1. Congratulations Celeste on your blog, it's great to see another fine voice for Indigenous people. Although not Indigenous myself, I am a Liddle, born and bred in the Mallee region of Victoria. I also have a close affinity with many Indigenous folk, in particular my relations the Clarke family in Darwin-Sheila Clarke(nee O'Loughlin) is my mother's sister. In my role as Principal/teacher over a 40 year period, I strived to teach my students about the history of our Indigenous people from a fair and informative point of view. Keep up the good work and maybe one day I will catch up with you at a forum somewhere. Cheers, Phonse liddle