Monday, February 23, 2015

Two Broke Girls - the joke is on Australia

It's all fine and well for folks to be getting (rightly) pissed off about that #‎2brokegirls‬ "joke", but where exactly did they get the idea that Aboriginal people are of lesser worth in the first place? After all, they live all the way over a gigantic big ocean and even if they've spent vast quantities of time in Australia, their major connection with Aboriginal people will have been via the media and via Australia's cultural representations. In other words, the exact same stuff which fuels the racist stereotypes a lot of people in this country hold but one degree removed.

Maybe Australia should be looking a bit more inward instead of pointing their fingers across the ocean. After all, it wasn't like their "joke" was much different from the average knuckle-dragger comment I or other black writers receive when an article goes live. A country which allows water to be cut off to communities in order to shift them along, which barely covers the devastation to communities when a cyclone hits, and still appears to reinforce a Terra Nullius version of history, kind of doesn't have a leg to stand on...


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