Saturday, September 13, 2014

Abbott and his Aboriginal community visit

Been getting a lot of requests for interviews to discuss my thoughts on bloody Abbott and his commitment to spend a week in an Aboriginal community per year, starting with NE Arnhem. My thoughts are pretty straightforward:

1. Abbott can get as many happy snaps as he likes pressing black flesh and hammering nails into bits of wood, but this doesn't mean he's for the mob.

2. Sure, he may be the first PM to make a commitment to do this, but it doesn't mean he's progressive. It just means that the other PMs shirked big time. It's called doing the "decent thing" and does not earn special credit.

3. Travelling to Yolngu homelands does not change the fact that this government has already slashed $500M from Indigenous affairs. The people he meets are still going to be significantly more likely to be jailed for petty offences, be victims of violence and die earlier only now, they're going to be less likely to access funded services for support.

4. His much-hyped previous trips to Indigenous communities cost big biccies because, funnily enough, he doesn't slum it while there. He also doesn't stay as long as the tabloids would have us all believe.

5. I have a tin of beans in my cupboard and frankly I feel that it would make a better "Minister for Women and Indigenous Affairs" than Abbott is.