Saturday, July 12, 2014

Ms NAIDOC Day 7 - Belinda Huntriss

 Again, I wish to thank Sarah Henderson for another wonderful entrant. Presenting Belinda Huntriss! I have my fingers crossed that she gets to enjoy her Fiji trip really soon ;)

Belinda Huntriss is passionate about education and educating Indigenous Australians. Belinda’s people are the Worimi people from the Gloucester/Forster area. Belinda graduated from Uni after almost 6 years, after heading down the wrong path for a while. 

I met her when I volunteered with AIME, as one of the AIME people on campus Belinda was in charge of our little group. We would go out to a local high school and host after school homework centres.  Belinda was so inclusive she would include a non-indigenous boy who used to hang around after school waiting for his parents. As a part of her role she worked with over 300 Indigenous kids.

Belinda is now a mum and raising her son, while working three jobs. When I asked her what her greatest achievement she said ‘having my son after 27 hours of labour & all the challenges I've had to overcome since having him. Financially it's been really hard. But now I have 3 jobs n have money to spend and saving for a holiday to Fiji xx’

Belinda’s posts often come up in my facebook feed and I really look up to her (even though we’re similar ages). She’s honest and frank about the challenges she’s facing but she has plans and goals and doesn’t ever seem to give up. Which for me makes her a Ms NAIDOC.

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