Friday, July 11, 2014

Ms NAIDOC Day 6 - Bernadette Atkinson

From Kamilaroi on Day 5, to the Yorta Yorta Nation on Day 6. We're covering some great lands here with our fantastic Ms NAIDOCs! I received this wonderful submission about Bernadette Atkinson from her cousin Bri King, and I have decided to not edit a thing due to its power and how reading these words from a proud cousin made me feel personally. 


I would like to nominate my cousin Bernadette Atkinson for your Ms NAIDOC feature. 

I grew up with my Yorta Yorta cousin but not knowing much about her culture or what it meant to her. I knew she was Aboriginal and that I am not but other than that, it wasn’t something we talked about. 

Ironically it was only after I married an Aboriginal man who actually knew my cousin, that I began to find out more about what Bernadette has achieved and what her cultural identity means to her. 

Bernadette left high school in her mid teens and worked in a variety of settings and then she started tertiary study in 2008 and completed her Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education. She has just completed her Masters in Education and is planning to pursue a PhD. She also teaches in the Faculty of Education at Monash. 

While pursuing her education she has also raised her amazing daughter Isabella.

Bernadette demonstrates a strong work ethic in which she emphasises the pursuit of education to both her daughter and Indigenous people in general as well as prompting an Indigenous inclusive educational framework. 

I am proud to say I am related to Bernadette, a proud Wolithiga woman from the Yorta Yorta Nations. 

I have attached a pic of her and her daughter and another of her and her father Henry Atkinson. 

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