Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ms NAIDOC Day 3 - Sam Cook

Up to day three now, and I am proud to state that this Ms NAIDOC is a former colleague of mine! This profile on Sam was sent through from the equally wonderful Leesa Watego. I seriously recommend people check out Blak History Month this month as well. Without further ado:

Sam Cook is a Nyikina woman (Kimberley region, Western Australia).

Sam is an incredible woman whose work ethic is unstoppable, her creativity unbound, and her ability to collaborate across borders, mediums and genres, unmatched. Sam's vision to create independent Indigenous spaces that value the work of artists and creatives, has been realised most recently in the creation of Nomad's Palace - The world’s first green-design touring venue, dedicated to international Indigenous arts and cultures!

Sam has been a musician, graphic designer, playwright, visual artist, writer, festival director, theatre artistic director, and entrepreneur. She saw the shortcomings in NAIDOC "Week", and founded Australian Blak History Month, including initiating the Great Moments in Blakistory Fact Sheet initiative that highlights the stories and people of Blak Australia.

As well as being the owner of Nomad's Palace, she is also the CEO of both Groovy Granny Jam and KMBA Artists.

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