Sunday, July 6, 2014

Ms NAIDOC Day 1 - Sarah Henderson

Welcome to Ms NAIDOC 2014! So very very excited and I want to thank those that have sent me through these amazing stories of our women and girls. I look forward to receiving more - self-written (because it is vital we celebrate ourselves as well as others!) and friend/family submitted. More information available here.

Sarah Henderson has been fantastic enough to send me through a number of wonderful entrants which will be run throughout the week. Because of this, I have decided to run one that someone else has submitted on her first. This profile was submitted by the equally wonderful Rudi Bremer, so thank you to Rudi for this piece. I have left it written in Rudi's own words because I felt they captured the spirit the best.


Sarah is a Wiradjuri woman from Corakai, but I first met her three years ago while we were both enrolled in Bachelor of Communication at UTS. She was in her third year (I had just started my first year), and was beginning to think about taking on Honours.

Since getting to know Sarah I’ve realised she is a woman of many talents and achievements. She has been a young carer for 20 years, including 17 years non-stop and the last 6 as a primary carer. She’s completed her Honours in Writing, focusing on representations of fair-skinning Indigenous Australians in film. She's written for The Guardian, been a guest tweeter for @IndigenousX, and done verbal and mental battle with hundreds in the name of equal rights. She's also been actively involved in social justice on a grass roots level.

So much of what I admire about Sarah can’t be distilled into a single moment. Everyday she teaches me about being strong, being powerful, being proud. She has been my sounding board when I’ve needed perspective, and my friend when I’ve needed support. She also laughs at my jokes which can never be undervalued. Ever.

I used to tell Sarah she should marry my brother, because sometimes she needs a calming influence in life, and he needed someone to challenge him. And while I still believe they would be perfect for each other I know it doesn’t really matter because whether they ever bow to my will or not I know - Sarah will always be my sister.

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