Saturday, June 7, 2014

Happy 2nd birthday, Rantings!

Yep, on Monday, this lowly, back-alley blog turns 2 years old. Not a bad effort for a little free site I started up after receiving some wonderful encouragement from a couple of slightly older-than-I Aboriginal women. It's been causing me all manner of strife since and nowadays my free time seems rather scarce. 

This past week, I took part in a Q+A panel at the Emerging Writers' Festival. One of the questions put to us was what a prospective writer should do to get their work noticed and published. I answered honestly on this one: even though it's been two years since I started this, I didn't actually start it because I was pursuing a writing career. I started it because I love writing, because I had heaps of ideas swirling around my head that I wanted to get out there, and because I wanted to claim an Aboriginal feminist space. I got lucky in that mere weeks after I started this, a piece grabbed the attention of an editor and so it has gone from there. So I know utterly nothing about how to go about having a writing career beyond "write stuff". I'm still here because I still love ranting and writing, and this blog, no matter where else I publish, will always be my home. 

I have learnt a hell of a lot in the time since I started this page. I don't often go back over my writings due to the cringe factor, but the ideas keep growing and gaining shape. My language continues to develop as well. Not sure what this third year of Rantings will bring, as my favourite mode is still to respond to stuff when I want to and when it grabs me, but I can guarantee that I will be looking more at the concepts of self-determination on both a black and a women's front. I have also discovered that solidarity does not always work due to the ongoing process of colonisation in this country and therefore there is more knowledge that needs to be formulated on this topic. I am still fascinated with the "layers" of patriarchy and will continue to call these out when they manifest in both the mainstream and the Aboriginal community. AND, there may just be a couple more videos and podcasts that crop up.

Or, I may just fall out of favour and this site ends up being it for me. Who knows? I have always been incredibly thankful for the reads from you lot, that's for damn sure, and I hope that I can continue to write material of interest. Coming up soon are two more articles in external publications, as well as three that I have half-written on this site. I will also be talking at two conferences, and have had enquiries about a number of other events. One thing I do ask though: I have a full-time day job and am very much the freelancer for any of this stuff. My backlog at this point is incredible and therefore priority at this point is going to paid gigs and Indigenous events (unpaid or paid). I'm sorry for any delays however I do get a lot of unpaid "great opportunities" come through my inbox and while I always appreciate the thought, I am limited time-wise and therefore have to prioritise. I never expected to be in this situation in the first place so I hope you understand :)

Finally, I just wanted to say thank you to all those who have read my stuff and visited this site over the past two years. Your encouragement has been what has kept me going, and I really appreciate it. If you want to catch some of my anecdotal daily stuff, be sure to join my Facebook page because try as I might, I still cannot seem to gel with bloody Twitter. For no reason at all, except that tomorrow is Sunday, please enjoy the below tune for Rantings. Cheers so much!


  1. Happy Blog-a-versary!

  2. Because I hadn't had enough coffee, I accidentally deleted this comment from DigiCoder. I am so sorry! Copied and pasted, and thank you for the comment.

    DigiCoder wrote:
    "(belated) Happy fun times, o ranting one. I keep arriving here via DUFC for one excellent article and then get side-tracked reading through your old posts. So now I've subscribed. And been inspired to say "can you cut the casual racism out please" a couple of times. Because, you know, that coming from a middle-aged white man has shock value if nothing else :)

    Kia Kaha
    Moz "