Sunday, June 9, 2013

Happy birthday,!

Yep, "Rantings of an Aboriginal Feminist" turned 1 today. Who'd have thought, hey? Well I certainly wouldn't have. And I certainly didn't predict the rollercoaster ride that can happen if you decide to park yourself in a suitable domain and commence ranting. This site has now led to:

  • 32 rants (so not quite 1 per week, but whatever...)
  • 6 articles (there are more to come)
  • 3 radio interviews
  • 1 TV appearance (and let us never speak of it again)
  • 1 film festival, and;
  • 1 Conference
It has been an interesting ride. I never started this with the intention of it being anything but a place to write stuff, and although I would have been perfectly happy if it had remained as such, I have enjoyed the remarkable and unexpected journey it has taken me on. This was a little niche market activity that kind of took on a life of its own, and I hope it not only encourages others to write, but also encourages those that can to publicise more black voices.

So I want to thank everyone who has been reading and those who have continually encouraged me to keep writing. Whether you're a Facebook or a Twitter oomi, whether you're a journalist looking for different material, whether you're someone who has stumbled upon this via a google search or you're a uni student with a questioning mind. I am incredibly thankful that you gave my little corner of cyberspace a go!

By the way, a couple of days I had another piece published by Daily Life, who have been so encouraging of my writing. If you're interested, you will find it here: A platform for the people who are not always heard

And now for some celebratory music:

NOTE: This song has nothing to do with feminism, punk, black politics, lefty politics or birthdays. It's just my favourite car-dancing song. Or one of...

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