Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Just some cataloguing and tidying up

I have been asked by a couple of people what I have written and where these can be accessed. This blog features most of my writings, but I have republished a couple of times now, and I have additionally contributed opinion to other publications.

Here's a short selection for those who wish to read more/are interested/are gluttons for punishment:

Via Daily Life (Fairfax)

July 2012 - "But you're too pretty to be Aboriginal..."
January 2013 - "When dark skin becomes 'fashionable'"

Via Crikey

March 2013 - Turning 35 and the quandaries of reproductive "choice"
April 2011 - "Aboriginal Identity: I never had a choice" 

Via Australian Literature Review

January 2005 - "Mongrel Signatures: Reflections on the Work of Mudrooroo" (no direct link available)

Via National Tertiary Education Union

Sept 2012 - "Racism meets the patriarchy on campus" (in AGenda)
July 2012 - "Why Abstudy is important" (via NTEU Indigenous blog)
May 2012 - "Indigenous Business is Union Business - The Musgrave Park Tent Embassy" (via NTEU Indigenous blog)
March 2012 - "Embedding indigenous cultural competency" (in Advocate)
Sept 2011 - "Power, gender and culture on campus" (in AGenda)

If there are others that should be here, I've forgotten I wrote them. Cheers! 

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